Why a Shipping Container Could Be Your Perfect New Garden Shed

30 March 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you're into gardening, or you take pride in keeping your backyard neat and tidy, you're going to need a collection of tools and equipment. When it comes to storing it all, most people use a standard garden shed, which is obviously designed for the job and does it fine.

You might be surprised that there are some great alternatives to wooden sheds, with one particularly useful one being a shipping container. Here are some of the benefits these large metal boxes have over a traditional garden shed.

They're highly secure

Sheds are made of wood and sometimes come with a fairly weak, flimsy lock; shipping containers are all metal and made to be secure.

If you have expensive tools and gardening equipment, a shipping container is the best way to keep them safe. It gives you much greater peace of mind to lock them up securely in a large, metal box.

You can have extra space

Shipping containers come in a range of different sizes, and some of them are considerably bigger than a normal garden shed. That means more space to store all your important equipment safely.

Because of their long, narrow shape, shipping containers can also maximise the room you have, fitting more neatly into tight spaces.

They're tough and durable

Because shipping containers are built to withstand tough ocean environments and the trials of transportation, their durable metal exteriors are far stronger than wooden sheds.

This makes them great for long-term use outdoors because they're able to put up with any type of weather you happen to have. They won't need regular treatment with a weatherproofing product to stay in good condition, and a few knocks and scrapes won't hurt them.

The way they look is easy to customise

If you're not a fan of the industrial metal look of a shipping container, it's easy to decorate them any way you want. You can paint them whichever colour you like and easily experiment with patterns if you'd like something unusual.

For those who prefer a more traditional look, wood panels can be applied to a shipping container's exterior to make it look more like a wooden shed.

You can tailor them to your needs

You can join multiple shipping containers together to create custom shapes and sizes, add windows if you want, or customise them in multiple other ways.

It's straightforward to get just the right container shed for your needs, and you can adapt it over time if those needs change.

To learn more, contact a shipping container supplier.