Which Type of Rain Gutters Is Ideal For Your Home?

22 December 2020
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Your gutter system is one of the most vital protections that ensure that rainwater or any other form of precipitation doesn't get to your foundation. Their task is to collect and channel the water into a tank or away from the siding and foundation. Over time, however, your gutter system can develop irreparable issues, and the only way out is gutter replacement.

One of the primary aspects you will have to consider when you decide to start a gutter replacement project is the gutter material. The market currently offers various options, and making a choice won't be easy if you don't know the basic details. This post will outline common materials you'll come across and their features.

Aluminium gutters

For years, property owners have been installing aluminium gutters on their homes, and with good reason. These gutters are affordable and can last for over two decades with regular care. Usually, the gutters come in different designs, colours and sizes and can even be customised to suit your requirements upon request.

Aluminium gutters can be mounted in sections or fashioned in a seamless design on-site to fit your building's specifications. Seamless gutters are more popular because they are easy to install and allow users to avoid seam sealant reapplication after every few years. Besides, aluminium won't corrode or thin over time, but it can expand, contract or get dented.

Vinyl gutters

Another material that has become popular is vinyl. This can be attributed to the fact that vinyl gutters come at an affordable rate, and do not rust. Besides, vinyl is light in weight, so it will be easier for the installation expert to snap the sections together. Even a good DIYer can manage the installation on their own. However, it's vital to note that poor installation can cause the sections to sag, which means water won't be channelled away from the foundation or into the water tank as desired.

Note that this material is suitable for areas with milder climates. It can crack because of temperature changes, especially when the weather gets cold.

Steel gutters

Steel is a material that's known for its strength and sturdiness. It comes in two forms of finishes: galvanised or stainless steel.  Stainless steel gutters aren't easy to find mainly because of their high costs. The good news is that they offer value for more years than any other material.

Galvanised steel gutters are relatively affordable. They are coated with a zinc layer which enables the material to be stronger and resists corrosion. Remember to choose the seamless design if you opt to get steel gutters