Choosing the Right Promotional Pen for Your Company

28 April 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Simple marketing tips will move your company from bottom levels to the top by beating the competitive odds. Promotional pens are everywhere and appear as simple factors, but they could have adverse effects on the marketing ability of your business. Many businesses are making use of custom pens to advertise. Your business should be up to the task of developing custom adverts that will make an impact on the large market. As part of your brand awareness strategy, here are some tips to come up with the best pen promo image for your company.

Go for the Best Colour

Your business must be associated with a specific branding colour. For this reason, choose a pen that is similar or has a related body colour with your branding trend. This factor ensures corporate consistency across all your products and enhances your brand recognition among your customers.

Consideration must be made on the colour of the ink to be used as well. Most customers would prefer blue or black ink, though depending on your business, you could make an impression by choosing a pen with ink of a less traditional colour.

Choose your Style

Imprinted pens are made in various styles and designs. Some of these include gel pen, rollerball pen, stick pen, fountain pen and ball point pen. A style that makes a perfect match with your corporate image would be the best choice. A stick pen can often be the best bet.

Stick Pen Design: This design can be steadfast and reliable for your company. It offers a simple style and what lacks in its flair is made up by its dependability. Most customers on the outside are not interested in complicated things. They always look out for new and simple things they can try out. They want something that will deliver and get them through the day with minimal hassle. Try this in your business, then sit back and watch for better results.

Size is an Important Factor

The general size of the pen you choose has an effect on the amount of information that can be printed. For instance, pens with a slim profile and rounded shape may only be printed with either one or two lines of advertising. However, fatter, three sided and multi-surface pens offer a wider platform for printing your company information. Your customers must get as much information as possible with much ease.

Balance usability and advertising space when choosing advertisement pens. Larger pens might offer more space for advertising your company but might be uncomfortable to use by customers.

And if you're ready to offer special pens to long-time customers or clients, check out Parker pens or another similar luxury pen.