Help With Choosing Between a Gas or Electric Cooktop

25 April 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are looking to have a new cooktop installed on your business property, such as in a break room or small office kitchen, then the first decision to make is choosing the type of cooktop. The two main options are gas and electric, each of which has some pros and cons. Here are some things to consider when choosing between a gas and electric cooktop.

Gas Cooktops Heat Up Quickly

If you are planning on putting the cooktop in your office break room for employees to use, then gas is likely a better option. The reason is because they heat up quickly, so an employee on their break can use it without having to spend their entire lunch hour just cooking or heating up a simple meal. With an electric cooktop, it takes a little longer to begin heating up and even longer to reach the desired temperature. Of course there is more to consider, but in terms of speed, gas is usually the better choice.

Electric Cooktops Are Considered Safer

Another thing to think about, this time in favor of an electric cooktop, is how safe they are. Since electric cooktops do not use an open flame, they are usually the safer option. There will be no accidental fires by using this type of cooktop, which is important when you are putting it in a commercial building where you are responsible for the safety of your employees. A gas cooktops does have a lot of benefits, but the open flame makes it vulnerable to flammable materials as well as a risk of gas leaks.

Gas Cooktops Have More Variety

Another benefit of choosing a gas cooktop over an electric one is that there is more variety with what you can cook with it. If it is the weekend and you are having a company barbecue on-site, but the regular barbecue doesn't have enough room to fit all the hot dogs, you can use the gas cooktop as an extra appliance for charring the hot dogs with the open flame. This is not something you would be able to do with an electric cooktop. There are simply more options since there is an open flame you can use.

Electric Cooktops Cost Less

If you are on a tight budget, but you want to add a cooktop to your building's kitchen or break room, then electric is the obvious choice. Electric cooktops of the same quality as their gas counterpart usually cost a little less, so it can be good for budgetary purposes.