When Business Owners May Want to Use Environmental Consultants

3 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Running a business is very overwhelming, and as the owner, you're no doubt concerned about profit and loss statements, supply costs, and so on. You've probably already hired many experts to help you keep the business running smoothly and efficiently at all times. However, you may want to think about hiring an environmental consultant, as well. Note a few areas in which they can help you regarding the environmental management of your business and its overall claims of eco-friendliness.

1. Carbon management

Carbon emissions are not uncommon in production facilities and those that use lots of vehicles with combustion engines versus electric forklifts and the like. You might be concerned with managing those carbon emissions to reduce your carbon footprint. An environmental consultant can assist with such management by recommending a switch to electric vehicles, using better filters on smokestacks, using biodiesel fuel in vehicles, and so on.

2. Asbestos management

Commercial building owners are not necessarily legally obligated to remove any asbestos they find in their building, but often they are required to have an asbestos management program in place. This would include a report on the amount of asbestos found, how it's being contained, safety measures for employees, how often the area with asbestos is inspected, and the like. An environmental consultant can typically manage this entire process and produce the reports that may be legally required for a business owner to have on record. They can also offer suggestions for better containment of the asbestos or for removal processes when and where necessary.

3. Environmental impact and green claims

You may see the potential to run your business in an environmentally friendly fashion, with recycling, reducing the use of virgin materials for production, energy-efficient choices in the actual building where your business runs, and so on. An environmental consultant can note the impact of your business and offer direct suggestions for lessening it. They can also assist with green claims, meaning claims made by your business about how eco-friendly you are; these will be appreciated by consumers who are also concerned with the environment and may want to purchase from a business that makes these claims.

An environmental consultant can not only create these programs and assist with green claims at the outset of your business, but may also continue to monitor your company's environmental impact and offer suggestions for additional improvement as more options become available.