Three tips for moving to Australia to be with your partner

28 April 2016
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The thought of moving to another country to be with your future husband or wife can be both a thrilling and terrifying prospect; the amount of planning involved in this process could overwhelm even the most organised of people. However, it's important to remain focused on addressing the biggest hurdles; once these are dealt with, the smaller details will start to fall into place. Here are three of the most crucial things to take of care before beginning your journey to Australia.

Obtain a visa

There are several types of visas you can apply for, depending on your circumstances and how long you intend to stay in Australia. However, if you're engaged to someone who has Australian citizenship or is a permanent resident of the country, the prospective marriage visa will probably be the most suitable option.

According to the site, if you are granted this visa, it will allow you to live in Australia with your partner for a total of nine months, during which time you will be expected to get married (although the wedding itself need not be held in Australia).

Obtaining this type of visa can be a lengthy and complex process; if you find yourself struggling to get to grips with it, it may be wise to invest in the services of a migration and visa consultant, who will be able to offer expert advice, and assist you with your application.

Prepare your paperwork

One of the most daunting aspects of moving to another country is handling all of the paperwork. It is, however, a very important task, which will affect not only your visa, but also your ability to secure a tenancy agreement, get a bank account and obtain employment and health insurance when you reach your destination.

Gather all of your paperwork into a single folder, making sure to include everything from birth certificates and insurance policies, to bank statements, mortgage payment records and copies of medical prescriptions. You may want to make photocopies of these documents and leave them with a trusted relative or in a secure location in your current country, in case any of the originals get mislaid during your journey.

Secure employment

If you are successful in obtaining a prospective marriage visa, this site notes that you will be allowed to work during your time in the country. If you wish to continue to pursue your career after migrating, it's a good idea to get a head start on the job-seeking process before you move, as trying to find work after you arrival will only add to your stress levels.

Registering with a recruitment agency that is based in the city where you intend to live is a sensible first step; they can do a lot of the groundwork for you and may be able to identify local opportunities which you would not be able to find yourself. Alternatively, if you already work for an international company with offices in Australia, it may be worth inquiring about an overseas transfer. This is a common occurrence in large corporations; if you are a valued employee, it's quite possible that your employer would be willing to accommodate this type of request.  

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