4 Signs That Your Well Water System is Developing Problems

14 April 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

It is possible to know that your well water system is developing problems before there is a complete breakdown. This article discusses some crucial warning signs that you should look out for.

A Continuously Running Pump

Manufacturers of water pumps design them to cycle on and off, depending how the pressure in the system fluctuates. When the pressure reaches the level that you set, the pump goes off until the water pressure drops below that set range. You should therefore be wary of water pumps that run nonstop. The water reservoirs in the well may be getting depleted. You can confirm that this is the case when the water pressure remains low despite the continuous running of the pump. Turn the pump power off before your water pump blows out.

Dropping Pressure When the Pump is Off

Has the water pressure inside your home ever dropped suddenly? Have you noticed that the water is sometimes milky? Those could be signs of a leak underground. Confirm that this is so by turning the power to the pump off. Observe the water pressure gauge on the water pump. If the pressure keeps dropping even if no water faucet is open, then there is an underground leak within the system.

Varying Water Pressure

Another warning sign that you should look out for is a wide variation in the water pressure of your home. The water system may have a problem if the pressure is very high at one moment before plummeting the next moment. The most likely cause of that erratic water pressure could be a clogged pressure-switch pipe. Minerals can accumulate in this pipe to the extent that the pressure switch is unable to trigger the pump to start running as soon as the water pressure drops.

Dimming Lights Inside the Home

You may notice that the lights inside your home dim once the water pump starts running. This can be an indicator of an electrical problem in the pump, such as the accumulation of carbon dust on the contacts of the water pump's pressure switch. That carbon dust may be making the pump draw more power to start, hence the dimming lights.

Call a water pump professional for help as soon as you notice any of the warning signs discussed. The professional will solve the problem before the well water system fails to deliver water into your home. Avoid attempting to solve those problems on your own if you lack technical skills because you may electrocute yourself in the process.