Mobility Services That Can Help You Navigate Your Local Community

30 March 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you find your mobility is restricted it's normal to worry about how you'll spend time outdoors. Thanks to advances in mobility services, engaging with your usual activities is probably still feasible. When you explore what's available, you can find the right mobility device for meeting your new needs.

Electric wheelchairs

Using an electric wheelchair is a reliable way to increase your quality of life. Whether you're only able to walk short distances or you can't walk at all, the right wheelchair can help you retain an active and social lifestyle that boosts your happiness and overall wellbeing.

When choosing a wheelchair, make sure your mobility services provider is aware that you need to use yours outdoors. Although some electric devices are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this isn't applicable to all of them. You should also let them know if you need assistance with lowering yourself into the chair or raising yourself out of it, as some wheelchairs make this easier.

Mobility scooters

When you like to spend time travelling long distances outdoors and you're looking for an accessible device that provides lots of stability, you may find that an electric mobility scooter is right for you. A typical mobility scooter may feature a shopping basket, which will allow you to continue with errands independently. Additionally, you can choose one that removes some of the barriers that your health conditions pose. For example, if you find that arthritis results in you having a hard time using controls, you can choose your scooter accordingly.

Some people may worry about using mobility scooters, as they might assume they don't have enough room in their home to store one. If you feel as though this applies to you, consider asking your mobility services provider if they offer folding devices. Although a folding scooter will still take up some space in your home, it won't feel quite as bulky.

Assisted transport

Many mobility services now include assisted transport, which is often useful when you want to enjoy a trip away from home or when you need to reach an appointment. Using assisted transport usually involves hiring a space in a mobility bus that can cater to the needs of those who depend on wheelchairs and other similar devices. These services often include assistance from your front door to the bus, and from the bus to your arrival point. You can either arrange such transport as a one-off or as a repeated service for scheduled appointments.

No matter which service you choose to use, you'll find that living an independent lifestyle comes with both physical and mental perks.