Choosing outfits for a mixed gender wedding groom's party

19 April 2017
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In this day and age, many grooms have close female friends or female siblings who they are eager to include on their side of the wedding party. But if you still want all of your weddint party to match, you may have to be choosy with what everyone will wear. Here are some options. 

Hire matching suits

If you have a grooms-gal with an androgynous style, it can be a good idea to look at the options to get them a matching suit. This can be a fun way for the groom's party to look similar. You can also ask if a shop has some feminine cut suits in a similar material and style, such as a black suit that would match the men's suits you have selected but that comes with a skirt rather than pants bottoms. 

Use a dress code

If your grooms-gal would prefer not to be in a suit, you can opt for a similar level of fashion, such as letting your groom's women wear a little black dress to match black-suited men in the party or a breezy dress for a beach wedding where the men are wearing linen suits. As long as the wedding party is not wearing similar outfits to the bride or bridesmaids, it will usually be clear that they are in a different role. This can allow people to dress in a way that they feel comfortable while keeping to the overall vision of the wedding. 

Allow the groom's women to wear bridesmaids dresses

If you are eager to keep the wedding party to a certain aesthetic, you can also look at putting all of the women in 'bridesmaids' dresses and all of the men in 'groomsmen' suits. This can be a particularly good option if both the bride and groom have mixed gender wedding parties but want to keep the wedding to a certain matched visual aesthetic. 

Look for some other roles they can play

Some women are not comfortable being on the groom's side of the wedding party but would still love to be involved in the wedding. There is a range of other roles that they cab take on, including giving speeches in the wedding ceremony or doing musical performances. This can allow them a chance to be a part of your special day without needing to wear a specific outfit. 

If you have a mixed gender wedding party, there are a range of wedding outfits to suit any style and type of wedding. Why not chat to a wedding hire business and explore some of the options?