All There Is to Know About Land Survey Pricing

17 April 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you are buying or selling land or doing some construction projects on it among other tasks involving a land, you will need the services of a land surveyor. Land surveyors will define the boundaries of your land and draw property lines to ensure you are not intruding into your neighbour's property or that the building extensions you are adding to your property are not outside your area's building limits. When thinking about land surveying, one of your main concerns will be the pricing. Knowing what to expect is crucial for things such as budgeting. A few things will affect the amount of money you pay your land surveyor, and here are some of them to help you get prepared beforehand.

Existing Property Evidence

Things such as occupational lines, fences, and trees in your property are evidence of existing property lines. This means that if you have such on your land, your land surveyor will have an easy time in his or her survey. On the other hand, if there is no existing property evidence, the land surveyor will have to replicate the original survey. This can be an involving process, so expect to be charged more.

Size of Your Land

How big is your land? Land survey costs will increase with the size of the land. This is because with a bigger land, your land surveyor will have more land to cover, which means more work for him or her, and this will raise your final survey costs.

Location of The Site

Site location also plays a crucial role in the price of the land survey. First, how far is your land from the land survey offices? It only makes sense that you will be charged more the farther away you are from the land surveyor's offices. This is basically because more travel time means more fuel being used, and this can translate to higher charges.

If your land is located in a mountainous terrain, you may also be charged more. Typically, surveying a mountainous terrain is relatively harder than doing so on a level land. If there are lots of shrubbery, trees, and other vegetation, expect to pay more as well. This is because it may be necessary to remove the vegetation to perform the survey more easily. This means more work for your land surveyor and equally higher charges for it. Think about accessibility to your land too. If your land surveyor has a hard time accessing your land, chances are he or she will charge you more for it.