Generator Features to Look Out for When Hiring

14 April 2017
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Power outages are a big inconvenience at home or in the workplace. At times, power companies take ages before they sort out the issue, but that does not mean that your activities should come to a standstill. You can hire a generator to stand in for your regular power supply until the power people rectify any pending problems. Additionally, some rural locations have no power supply, making it hard to use machines powered by electricity. Hiring a generator in such cases provides the power needed for you to do what you want. For ease of use and operation, here are some of the elemental features that you must look out for when hiring a generator:  

Electric Start

With many generator manufacturers in the market, it's important to look out for those whose products come with state-of-the-art features. One of these features is an electric start. Many generators in the market use a ripcord for starting, which has its fair share of disadvantages. For instance, pulling the ripcord needs lots of effort when starting the generator, especially in larger models. There are cases where the ripcord might stretch too much and damage the start-up mechanism of the generator. A generator with an electric start turns on with the push of a button. There are minimal chances of damaging the start-mechanism.

Fuel Gauge

The last thing you want is to hire a generator and still experience an unprecedented power outage. This usually happens when you cannot keep an eye on the fuel level when the generator is running. You should not rely on estimates of how long the fuel tank will last you. Instead, choose a generator with a fuel gauge so that you can monitor the fuel levels and refill the tank before an outage strikes.

Multiple Outlets

Multiple outlets are another important feature you should look out for when hiring a generator. They allow you to plug in many appliances and machines at the same time. Ideally, this is safer than using power extension leads, which pose a higher risk of overloading and electrical short circuits.


Generators produce high amounts of current. If they are not maintained properly, hired generators can cause severe accidents or death. Look out for properly insulated wires, terminals and connections points to minimise the risk of electrical shock. Note that these generators pass through the hands of many clients and not everyone might be as keen as you are when it comes to proper maintenance.

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