Why have an extra set of keys?

13 April 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Picture a scenario where you have unwittingly locked your keys inside your car. You could send someone to pick up spare a key at your house if you have one. However, if you don't have a spare key, the result of this mishap could be your car being towed away and a new key being cut for you. The aforementioned scenario is one of the many that could arise, as keys have proved time and again that they can easily get lost or broken and seriously inconvenience you. Other events could highlight a need for spare keys. These include:

  1. You lost your keys. A locksmith will do one of two things. Create a new key for you, or have a new lock put in place.
  2. You realized you have one key. You need a spare and would do well to seek key cutting services for one.
  3. You have two or three keys, but you have five people living in your household. It is prudent to get each one a key, rather than hide the keys under the flower pot or the window sill every time you leave.
  4. You have only one set of keys for the office, then you call in sick and you live an hour away. It seems wiser to have at least two sets of keys.

Such events are not uncommon, and the way they play out depends on how you have prepared. You can use key cutting services to prevent emergencies or when you have suffered an emergency. You can seek key cutting services for two main services:

  1. Key cutting — Simply put, they cut all types of keys, including car keys. You need this service when you have no existing key and a locksmith has to create a new one. It could be that you have an existing key but cannot access it; a locksmith will create a new one as well.
  2. Key duplication — In this case, there is a key you have given to the locksmith. A duplicate will be made. This happens when you need a copy or copies of your key.

Having a spare set of keys is essential if you want to avoid inconveniences, but there is a catch. Locks are meant to keep the bad guys out. Give copies of your keys to people who must have access, and keep a copy hidden somewhere too, in case you will ever need it.