3 Jetty Fishing Tips for Novices

1 September 2016
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Are you planning to try jetty fishing for the first time? Use the following tips to increase your chances of catching some fish on that maiden fishing trip that you make to a nearby jetty.

Watch the Diving Birds

Diving birds usually spot small fish that are swimming close to the surface of a water body. Those birds will then become very active in that area as they feed on the small fish that they see as they fly above the water.

Big fish may also congregate close to that section of the jetty where diving birds are active. This is because the bigger fish will also be hunting for the small fish in that area. Thus, you will be more likely to catch some fish if you focus your fishing efforts in those areas where diving birds are active.

Look Out for Displaced Rocks

Look out for large displaced rocks as you walk along the jetty. Those displaced rocks may provide you with a good fishing spot because big fish may be lying in ambush behind those rocks as they wait for small fish to swim by.

Similarly, you can also focus your fishing activities around the places where you see right angles in the appearance of the jetty. Those right angles are usually formed when there are changes in the way the jetty is constructed. The water is usually calmer around those spots. Such a location may therefore be an attractive ambush spot for larger fish.

Observe Other Anglers

Observing other people may perhaps be the best way for you to select a productive fishing spot on a jetty. For instance, it may be hard for you to decide whether it would be better for you to fish on the channel side or the surf side of the jetty if it is your first time to fish on a jetty. Observing on which side more experienced people are casting their bait will guide you on which side is more likely to deliver good results. Similarly, observing the other people will also help you to decide whether it is better for you to use live bait or dead bait in that chosen spot. Only do what other people are doing if you see that they are catching the type or size of fish that you would like to catch.

As you can see, it may not be necessary for you to walk to the very end of a jetty in order to catch fish. Use the tips above to improve how quickly you are able to find the best fishing spots as you walk along a jetty.